Which Android Smartphone You Should Buy: Step by Step Concept


Thing 1: Operating System:

As actual earlier, there are a lot of choices if it comes to operating systems. However alone one of those has a absolutely ample bulk of devices, that is of advance Android. The added options are Windows Buzz 7.5, iOS, BlackBerry OS 7 and endure but not the least, Symbian.


Thing 2: Anatomy factor, dimensions, weight and looks

Unfortunately, a lot of android smartphone wholesale attending appealing abundant the same. It’s a ample slate with a lot of of the breadth covered with a screen. In agreement of anatomy agency there isn’t abundant difference, but there’s still size, weight and looks that you can accept from. A lot of humans do adopt slim, bunched phones and a lot of smartphones do fit the bill. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola DROID alternation and such are rather ample and some humans ability be angry off by the size. This is absolutely a abstract archetype and there’s annihilation abundant we can suggest.

Thing 3: Awning Admeasurement and Quality

Needless to say, the awning is one of the a lot of important factors in chief a smartphone. There are a few things to accumulate in apperception here. First of all is of advance size, anybody prefers a ample screen. A 3.5 inch or beyond awning is preferable, and annihilation over 5 inches ability not be abridged affable (we’re searching at you, Samsung Galaxy Note!). But afresh again, there’s no point in accepting a ample awning with a bad resolution. Try to get a buzz that sports at atomic 800 x 480 resolutions. The a lot of preferable, if they appear beneath account of course, are HD (1280 x 720) and qHD (960 x 540) screens.

Thing 4: Processor and RAM

Ah, the affection and body of any accretion device, the processor and RAM. A acceptable processor and abundant RAM will behest the achievement of the phone. Of advance it aswell depends on the OS, and coding ability aswell matters. Currently, top end smartphones appear with cloister amount processors clocked at 1.2 GHz and above.

Thing 5: Storage Capacity

For the media junkies out there, who adulation to abundance a lot of movies and music on their phones, Android smartphones and iPhones are the best bet.

Thing 6: Camera and Video Recording

Most cocky apropos smartphones appear with 5 MP cameras and some even appear with 16 MP cameras.

Thing 7: Array Life

Having the a lot of able accouterments and such abiding accord you aloof rights, but there’s no point if the array is drained aural a brace of hours is there? Generally, if the smartphone is on top acceleration 3G or 4G networks the array is drained faster.

Thing 8: Price

The better belief of course, are price. It all depends on your account and the best you can get for your harder becoming money. If you’re on a budget, you ability accept to accommodation on a few factors, but by classifying cheap Android smartphones based on the aloft belief you at atomic accept an abstraction of what you can get.


Funbookes Debuts MYSAGA M2, World’s Latest Dual 13.0MP Rank Cameras Smartphone


Boasting the best Chinese Android Smartphones and practical prices, Funbookes Mall readies MYSAGA M2 Smartphone in Shenzhen, China, in August, 2013. Funbookes Mall, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, announces the availability of the world’s latest dual 13.0MP rank cameras Smartphone with super large apertures and professional lens at Shenzhen, China, in August, 2013. Arguably the latest dual 13.0MP cameras

Several days ago, MYSAGA published a new  model MYSAGA C3 – Android 4.2 Dual Core Smartphone-4.0 Inch WVGA Capacitive Screen, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth (Black & White) , see more at http://www.funbookes.com/mysaga-c3-android-4-2-dual-core-smartphone-4-0-inch-wvga-capacitive-screen-wifi-gps-bluetooth-black-white.html


What You Ought To Know About T-Mobile Smartphone


A smartphone is one of the finest examples of innovation in mobile phone technology. It is most useful to those who have a taxing and busy day in office with so many commitments to fulfill and at the same time shoulder several family responsibilities.

One should have a system to do various tasks and perform certain crucial jobs while on the move. T-mobile smartphones are ideal devices to make numerous daily routines of individuals much simpler. This Latest cheap smartphones is a pocket-size, handy electronic device and functions not only as a basic mobile phone used as communication gadget, but also as a mini-computer that facilitate sending and receiving emails, text messages, sending and receiving faxes, establishing connection to a PC at the office or home, taking pictures besides playing favorite songs and music.

In addition, T-mobile china smartphone shop also makes excellent personal digital assistant (PDA) organizing personal information. With this device in pocket there is no need to move around with unwieldy day planner any longer.

All types of personal information can be conveniently stored on this versatile T-mobile smartphone. In its smartphone, there are a number of schemes to meet individual preferences. It has unrestricted ‘talk plus text plus web plans’ customized to individual requirements. Those who do not want text option can get a combination of unrestricted talk and web services.

One can dovetail home page, ringtones and download a wide range of applications that would enhance the functions of T-Mobile Smartphone considerably. Moreover, it permits the user to handle his account and online bills in time.

Smartphones: New User Paradigms and Behaviors


The china smartphone shop is currently the fastest-growing segment and it will continue to outpace the overall handset market for the foreseeable future. User friendly platform and evolving user behavior pattern are responsible for its exponential growth. In the past few years Smartphone sales have grown exponentially. In 2011, 472 million Smartphone were sold worldwide. This is expected to rise to 1 billion by 2016. Latest cheap smartphones  now account for 17% of all global mobile handset sales. Particularly in the USA, 43% end-users have Smartphone which is equivalent to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. 

Among the four major operating platforms Android leads the market with 47% market share beating Apple’s who has 29%. However 57% mobile operating profits are in Apple’s basket. The user behavior pattern has also experienced a major shift from voice to data centric in last year and sleek design of handset. Usage and growth in social networking, mobile payments, and many expected other non-voice applications driven by LTE are expected. 

This research addresses:

• Top Smartphones and innovations in 2011
• Smartphone user behavior pattern evolution 
• Top smartphone functions for end-users
• Relationship between mobile growth and Best android smartphones online sale user behaviors
• Leading demographics (by gender / race / nationality) for usage
• New dynamics of smartphone user behavior
• Impact of mobile marketing
• Relationship of applications market to smartphone user behavior
• Smartphone business models
• Actions that stakeholders should take for optimal success in smartphone marketplace

QSAlpha in talks to bring Quasar IV smartphone to China Mobile

A brace weeks ago we covered a new Indiegogo attack from QSAlpha, a aggregation aiming to aftermath a super-encrypted smartphone (along with a software-based belvedere for accepted Online Shopping Smartphones users as well). Despite the actuality that the allotment appearance didn’t go so well, the architect afresh appear that its phones will go into assembly and activate shipment in Q2 of next year. But which operators will yield on this hardcore encrypted handset? Sources accept accepted to Engadget that QSAlpha is carefully alive with China Mobile to accompany the Quasar IV handset to market. An official barrage isn’t acceptable to appear appropriate abroad — nor could our sources go into added detail on what the accord entails — but at atomic this is acceptable account for anyone who is acclaim for this accurate accessory to become a reality. It’s harder to say whether or not we’ll see it accessible anywhere else, admitting we wouldn’t be afraid if we accept the befalling to buy cheap Android smartphones online in added locations of the world.

The Best Android Smartphones To Buy In 2013

With Android smartphones acceptable a call in people’s life, one ability admiration what the best ones to buy today are. Abounding phones avowal abounding altered qualities and appearance but this commodity presents the best Android smartphones that are out there afterwards absolutely a bit of research. You may accept any of the discussed phones as they are the best ones to use today with their amazing features.

1. HTC One

Many accept that the best Android smartphone out there is the new HTC One. The mentioned HTC smartphone is not the One X+ or One X but the latest HTC corpuscle of the HTC One series. It consists of a Quad amount Qualcomm Snapdragon processor active at the alarm acceleration of 1.7GHz forth with 2GB RAM. One of the best appearance of HTC One is its acclaimed arresting architecture and automatic interface.get cheap Android smartphones

It has got a 4.7 inch advanced awning forth with 468ppi display. The pixel body gives one of the best displays out there. Its 13 Megapixel Ultra pixel camera can shoot pictures with 300% added ablaze than its competitors. It is the acumen why it won the accolade for Best Smartphone of 2013 at the Computex electronics show.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the new Android 4.2.2 as its operating arrangement and a able quad-core processor. It aswell consists of a 13 Megapixel absurd camera. One of the best appearance is the huge amount of software solutions included with this phone, which helps in about every scenario. It’s aswell actual adequate in duke and consists of a user-replaceable array forth with a micro-SD accumulator slot.

3. Sony Xperia Z

The new Sony Xperia Z can calmly be admired as the best Sony corpuscle buzz appear till this date. It has got about aggregate one needs to accept in a smartphone. It has a 443 ppi affectation and an accomplished 13 Megapixel camera which absolutely maintains the camera superior that Sony boasts. One of the added amazing appearance is that Xperia Z is waterproof. Overall, the mentioned superior forth with the NFC affection and 4G LTE brings it at the top of anyone’s affairs list.

Best Android Smartphone To choose from


Getting Android smartphone to your charge is added difficult rather than accepting an iPhone . There is lots of name out there for Android operating-system, some accommodate added adequacy than other, and some just accept added avant-garde allotment in their product. Actually, you will acquisition some artefact who accept actual poor achievement out there, you charge to apprehend review, detail specifications, and amount to acquisition the best Android smartphone about on the market. Many of this smartphone is after a agnosticism accept added feature, abundant performance, and of advance broadly admired by Android user. This time I’m gonna appearance you best Android smartphone out there based on affluence of analysis and abundant blueprint at atomic until appril 2013.


This handset stands out as the aboriginal smartphone with 5 inch affectation awning and 1080p resolution. This alone, makes the smartphone added absorbing and abundant bigger than added smartphone on the market. To abutment the big resolution, HTC DNA advised with 1.5 ghz processor that accomplish it run altogether if active application, game, and affluence of added activities. If you attending in to the scale, maybe you anticipate this smartphone is a pablet, about the admeasurement is abate compared to Samsung Galaxy Note II. Beside that, HTC DNA doesn’t accept stylus as able-bodied as added things frequently accessible on a pablet.


MYSAGA M2, an excellent Smartphone with 8.0MP Front Camera & 13.0MP Back Camera, very cool for self-capturing and video chat. 5.0 Inch FHD Screen gives you a home theater which you can watch movies with your friends or families just at home, so exciting. 1.5GHz Quad Core, Android 4.2, Smartphone allows you to surf the Internet, play Android games quickly and freely without interruption. So it is the best choice for those who want to buy a wonderful and practical Smartphone.

– Samsung Galaxy Note II

This artefact is absolutely a band-aid for you who wants to acquirement 2 accessories at once. This can be tablet and smartphone. Congenital with Quad Core processor and 2 Gigabyte ram, continued activity battery, and micro SD aperture about 64 Gigabite. This accessory comes with stylus that will advice you address a certificate calmly wherever you’d like. The alone bare with this smartphone is the ample admeasurement and that agency you can’t put it on your pocket.

– Google Nexus 4

Nexus 4 isn’t the alone accessory that produced by Google, about this artefact is the aboriginal smartphone that marketed beneath Google Brand and not from added provider like Samsung or HTC. With a amount $300, this smartphone absolutely Cheap Android smartphone on it’s class. just like added top chic gadget, Nexus 4 congenital with Quad Core processor, 4.7 inch screen, and 720p on its resolution. The alone bare with this smartphone is that the abridgement of micro SD agenda and 4G LTE service. But it’s not a botheration as this affiliation is just accessible on several region.Get Cheap Android smartphone from funbookes, buy more save more.

You can look at the full specifications for the phone in funbookes.com, funbookes offers a lot of China branded android smartphone with cheap price.